As mayor of SimCity, the residents living inside the city should be given top priority. Spending on the happiness of the residents is required. This requires a lot of money which the mayor has to earn with his capacity as a leader or through gaining money through simcity buildit hack tool.

Residential areas are areas where Sim Citizens live. To increase the population of the city, the buildings in the residential zone have to be upgraded. Initially, you can have limited number of buildings and upgrade them further is more economic than building new ones. Make plenty of utility services while the population is low as it is easier. Otherwise the costs will spiral up and it will be hard to bring in services like hospital, fire services, park, water facility, power facility, etc. Make sure that densely populated areas have more services. In this way, your money can be economically spent while getting more utilities and making good use of services. Upgrade the existing residential buildings. The citizens are happier when facilities are more and of good standard

The building to Utility Service ratio should be good. If residents do not have proper services they will vacate the buildings and the cities will be abandoned. Your income will reduce and you will have to pay more for providing the services to retain the remaining residents. Upgrading the city and its services requires less money especially while using existing products and materials. You can demolish abandoned buildings. If you are building a new residential building but have no money for services, give priority to the services and tear down new buildings. The loss will not be so great if done early as services should be given better priority


The citizens are happy when they are employed and the factories are running smoothly. Providing the right transport facilities, keeping the factories and industries running, maintaining vigilant environment control such as pollution level, proper sewage facilities are some methods of providing employment to the citizens and keeping them happy by spending less.

 Tall buildings have the most population. Take steps to provide them with most services so that you can cover more population by concentrating on high population buildings. By this you spend less but achieve more.

 Controlling the traffic is an important task to keep everything running smoothly. Have good roads. Intersect them well so that residents will not be affected by the traffic on their daily work. Industries and factories will require good road and train facility for transport. Wider roads for heavy industrial transport should be available so that traffic jams do not occur. Proper planning is required as upgrading roads is expensive. You cannot bulldoze it either as you will lose the amount.

 As you go up the levels you will need more services and more money. So you should have more utility services when your expenses are lower. When you climb levels competition is tougher and you have more responsibilities and your expenses will climb too. There should be a proper ratio between expenses and income.

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